Skokie Mortgage Specialist: Get the Best Loan tor You

Skokie mortgage specialist, Optima TowersYou have options when you’re looking for a Skokie Mortgage specialist. You have banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, private lenders.

Some live and work in Skokie or its immediate area, some are national lenders, with online capabilities.

But not all are good choices for you. Some are not because you don’t care for online mortgage specialists, or for some other reason private to you.

Many are not because of the programs they offer: they just do not fit your situation. They either do not offer loans for people in your situation or they do but the rates are high.

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So, Which Skokie Mortgage Specialist Should You Choose?

I live nearby, pass through Skokie often, love Sushi Cafe Hannah’s udon noodles and their sweet potato tempura rolls. If that were all you needed in a Skokie mortgage specialist, you’d be done.

But you need more.

So, let’s go into who you should choose. And why.

If you’ve got more than the minimum down payment, great credit scores and history, and you’re buying a 1-4-unit property to live in, your best bet is a credit union, community bank or any other bank.

You end up with fewer choice,s but they tend to have low interest rates, so, overall, they’re better for you.

If you are at the opposite end, your best bet is a Skokie mortgage specialist that works for a mortgage broker.

Mortgage brokers, whether they’re based in Skokie or not, tend not have the lowest rates. They do, however, have a variety of lending sources, so they can get you a loan even if a credit union, community bank or a bank like Chase will not.

Don’t worry, the fact that they don’t have the best rates does not mean you’re losing on the best rates. You just cannot get the best rates advertised if you are not a vanilla borrower.

You will get the best rate for you, if you shop around.

Because there are Skokie mortgage specialists and, then, there are Skokie mortgage specialists. They all try to have the best lenders for all types of people. However, life gets in the way and, at the moment you are looking for your loan, some of them just do not.

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The Skokie Mortgage Specialist For You

Some mortgage specialists (in Skokie and elsewhere) specialize; some do not. You’re better off dealing with one that specializes in the type of loan that will be best for you.

Which means that your search for your specialists has two phases:

  1. you’re looking to find out what type of loan best fits you (which means you talk to a few specialists and describe your situation and see what they recommend).
  2. you look for the specialist you’re going to work with.

Shopping around for a mortgage specialist is a lot like shopping around for anything else. Yes, you ask around and get recommendations, you check reviews and websites, you talk to a few finalists, you choose.

You will not know for sure what anyone can offer you without specifics. So, be specific. And thorough. It is better to find out you and a mortgage specialist are not a good fit in the beginning.

Call me at 847-840-8884 to get great answers to your mortgage questions.

Can be about first-time home buyer programs, renovation loans, jumbo loans, condo loans, mixed-use-property loans, primary residence or investment loans.

If you’re not ready to talk to anyone yet, browse my site, The Chicago Mortgage Broker, as it has a lot of good information on mortgages.