Des Plaines Mortgage Specialist: FHA Loans and More

I am a Des Plaines mortgage specialist. Not because I live in Des Plaines: I do not, though I used to. Because I can help people in Des Plaines get the best mortgage for them.

Des Plaines Mortgage Specialists

I can help Des Plaines get condo mortgages, renovation mortgages, FHA mortgages, conventional mortgages and mortgages based on bank statements and investment mortgages.

I work for a mortgage company. That means I am a good fit for you even if you are not a perfect fit for Des Plaines’ banks. If you went to the North Short Bank and Trust on Ballard, or the Byline Bank at 379 S. River, or Huntington Bank at the corner of Jefferson and Lee, or Chase or any other bank, and they turned you down, you should talk to me.

I have loan programs for people who banks turned down. Call me at 847-840-8884 to discuss your mortgage options.

I am a Niles mortgage specialist and a Skokie mortgage specialist too.

Des Plaines Condo Mortgage Loans

Metropolitan Square Condo Project: one of only 2 Des Plaines, IL condo projects that is FHA approved.

If you’re looking for a Des Plaines mortgage specialist for a condo, a heads-up:

Most of the condo loans in Des Plaines are going to be conventional, not FHA. The reason? As of this writing, the FHA’s listed only 2 of the condo projects in Des Plaines on its list of approved projects: the Library Court (750 Pearson, Des Plaines, IL 60016) and Metropolitan Square across the street from the Metra stop.

Can you get FHA spot-approval (get the FHA to approve your unit only)? Yes, it is; but give yourself time.

(If the condo you’re interested in is in not in Des Plaines, check if they are in FHA-approved projects here.)

If FHA condo loans are not an option, you can get a conventional one. Even one for non-warrantable condos. I have both options.

Des Plaines Bank Statement Mortgages

Mortgage Broker Des Plaines, IL

Business owners and people who’ve been getting paid with 1099’s for at least 5 years have the option of qualifying based on the last year’s tax returns, if their credit scores are high enough.

Or bank statements only.

Call me at 847-840-8884 to discuss qualifying based on one year or on bank statements.

If you’re not ready to talk to anyone, feel free to browse The Chicago Mortgage Broker. There’s a lot of good information here.