Your Chicago Mortgage Specialist

My name is Dusan Varga.  You can reach me at 847-840-8884.  I got to become a Chicago mortgage specialist in a round-about way.  I used to be a real estate appraiser and owned my own real-estate appraising company.  I dealt with loan officers from Chicago and Glenview and Des Plaines and Skokie.  And got to thinking I could do what they were doing, but better.

So, I got my license loan originator license.  That was back in 2007.  Definitely not a good time to be a Chicago mortgage specialist.  I did not do much with mortgages in 2007 but started to work on marketing my appraising business.  Turned out, I liked marketing.  I liked it enough that by 2011 I was doing nothing but marketing.

One of my marketing clients was a mortgage company in Wilmette, Dimension Mortgage Corp.  To better market it, I thought I should know it really well.  Which lead me to actually process 3 or 4 loans, shadow a loan officer, play mortgage broker receptionist for 3 days, mortgage broker office manager for a week.

And talked to a couple of mortgage brokers besides the one I was doing marketing for.

Don’t much like the receptionist part.  Don’t much like the processing loan files part.  But, I liked the loan originating part and got to thinking again that I can do it and do it better than most, if not all, loan officers in the world.

A Better Chicago Mortgage Specialist? How?

A lot of loan officers, I noticed, try really hard to make every application they take end into a closing.  Because they don’t feel like they have enough.  And they feel that way because they don’t have good marketing systems in place.  Many, also, don’t have good systems for what happens between when they first meet with a prospect to the closing.

I come from marketing, where all is about systems.  I don’t feel the pressure those loan officer do.

I am based outside Chicago but, being licensed as an Illinois loan originator, I can help people buy or refinance a house throughout Illinois.

If you’re interested in getting a loan, call me at 847-840-8884 to find out if I can take you on. (Yes, I won’t take you on if I have too many applications going on or if I don’t have a program that fits your situation when you apply.

I do various loan types: FHA loans, including 203(k), conventional confirming loans, commercial loans, etc.